Personal Security Products – Top Three Customer Favorites

Ladies particularly these days are worried about their own security. Nine out of 10 all private wrongdoings are perpetrated against ladies. Everything from abusive behavior at home to road wrongdoing, ladies are the objectives in nine out of 10 cases.

So with regards to individual security and individual wellbeing organizations like Taser International, Stun Master and Mace brand have created items that are viable as well as are generally reasonable too. All private security items are intended to offer you a chance to move away from a possibly risky circumstance and find support.

They all do that and do it really. In 410 shotshells  case, there are huge number of individual security items to browse many various producers so it tends to be confounding while picking one.

In the five years that I have been a merchant for self protection items here is a rundown of the main three client top choices.

1. The C-2 taser-is almost 100% successful with more halting power than a 9 mm handgun. It shoots out two electric darts up to 15 feet the focal sensory system with staggering stopping power. The C2 is adequately little to be grasped, conveyed in your pocket or handbag and is ideally suited for ladies. It is the best private security item more than $300.00.

2. The Mace pepper firearm is the best private security item under $300.00 It utilizes a subsidiary of cayenne pepper, one of the most sultry on the planet. A 10 percent centralization of oleoresin capsicum is put away in a canister in the firearm. It has enough for seven 25 foot shots making it ideal for various aggressors. My clients love it for use against canine goes after as well.

3. The faker immobilizer is a hidden item that very closely resembles a camera phone however is a 4.5 million volt immobilizer. A 3 to 5 second utilization of this immobilizer to an attacker will make his body over work quickly exhausting it of all blood sugars required for energy.

These are the three most loved results of my clients for individual security.

When are you getting some?

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