Gun Control – Who Has The Right to Bear Arms?

Gun Control – Who Has The Right to Bear Arms?

We may have grown up watching gunfights on movie westerns. Our kids are growing up watching gunfights on their way to school.

It seems that the atmosphere in 38 special ammo  our world has changed and with it comes an emotional discussion related to gun control.

Police departments have conducted gun amnesty programs that seek to get guns off the streets. It would seem that most collection dates are successful for police seeking to keep streets safe from extreme violence.

Lawmakers lobby for strict gun control measures and have succeeded on many levels.

James Brady was a White House Press Secretary under then President Ronald Reagan when he was nearly killed by an assassination attempt aimed at the President in 1981. Brady was left disabled, but he also came away with a passion for stronger firearm laws in the United States.

Brady and his wife Sarah continue to lobby for strict gun laws that seek to keep guns off the streets.

One of the key pieces of legislation this duo championed was the Brady Bill that ultimately resulted in a five-day waiting period if an individual wished to purchase a gun. In many cases no background checks were conducted and a portion of the law was struck down in 1998.

Today computerized criminal background checks are conducted prior to the sale of firearms.

Those who consider themselves Democrats are generally in favor of gun control while many Republicans consider the restriction of the right of Americans to carry weapons is a violation of the Second Amendment that allows Americans the right to bear arms.

This has only served as a bone of contention as proponents of gun control suggest that the term, “bear arms” likely is in response to the need for the military to bear arms. The suggestion is that perhaps

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