Duracell Pre Charged Rechargeable Nimh Batteries Combo Review

Duracell have been fabricating great batteries since the 1920’s and have fostered a standing as the world’s driving battery producer.

The Duracell Pre Charged Battery-powered Nimh Batteries Combo is a reduced battery charger, which is great for high channel machines. The particular model of this charger is the Duracell CEF14NC. Duracell have made two or three improvements over their past worth charger; these incorporate a general voltage input and the capacity to energize to 4 triple A cells.

Highlights of the Duracell Pre Charged battery packs factory -powered Nimh Batteries Combo

Energizes to 4 triple A cells

Acknowledges an all inclusive AC contribution of 100-240v

Duracell Pre-Charged batteries can hold power for as long as 1 year when not being used

Provided with 8 Pre-Charged batteries (4 AA and 4 triple A batteries)

Ideal for use with high channel machines


An or more point is that you can energize to 4 triple A cells immediately, dissimilar to with numerous different chargers which can charge 2 triple A cells all at once.

Batteries must be charged two by two or sets of fours, which is somewhat frustrating in light of the fact that you can’t charge just 1 or 3 batteries assuming you have a machine which requires batteries in odd numbers.

Another weakness is that the charger possibly quits charging when the consolidated voltage of the 2 batteries is sufficiently adequate. This actually intends that assuming you are accusing 1 void battery of one which is either full or practically full then one of the phones will be cheated which is drawback to the length of the batteries life.

Charging Times

The charging times are sensible. It requires around 6 hours to charge 2 AA batteries, which are vacant. The charging current contrasts relying upon the sort of the battery which is being charged. AA cells are charged at 360mA and triple A cells are charged at 180mA.

General AC input

Tolerating an all inclusive voltage contribution of 110-220 volts, this is great for use as a movement charger. There are no connectors or lines, the charger connects directly to the wall so stashing the charger for capacity is exceptionally simple.

Provided with 8 Pre-Charged batteries

Duracell have remembered 8 pre-charged batteries for the combo bundle. The battery types are 4 AA and 4 triple A. As they are pre-charged, you have the comfort of having the option to utilize them right out of the bundle.

The provided batteries have a generally excellent life expectancy, even with high channel machines you get around 10 hours utilization from the triple A cells.

Last Considerations

In general, the Duracell Pre Charged Battery-powered Nimh Batteries Combo is a reasonable setup. The charger is versatile, very much constructed and comes provided with 8 quality long life batteries.

On the disadvantage, the way that it just charges batteries in either coordinates or fours could be disconcerting assuming you have apparatuses which require an odd quantities of cells. Likewise, there is plausible of batteries becoming cheated except if you just charge cells together which have comparable measures of force in them.

In the event that the majority of your machines acknowledge cells two by two, this is a decent purchase, however assuming you need further developed highlights, for example, individual cell checking to charge batteries uniquely or in odd numbers then I suggest a charger, for example, the Sony Cycle Energy BCG34HRE4KN.

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