Acclaim the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Acclaim the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Recognition the Lord

Furthermore, pass the ammunition

Our public bosses

Ought to serve their own longing

Politicize  300 win mag ammo quality

Articulate to God fear

Affectedness and conventional

Video tape their assemblage cooperation and sing

Anyway connecting with the 10 Commandments

Offer void commitments and sit inactive

Trusting themselves to be something

Excusing the Creator and humankind

Jumping at the chance to serve their own vanity

Anyway the Bible says

“Thou shalt not kill”

These despots have no clue about how to chill

They’ve sold out to Halliburton

Likewise, the Carlyle Group

Giving meeting and admonish

To those behind a corporate bombshell

Administrators with various interests

Political and person

Shady and worldwide system planning

The Saudi magnificent family enchanting

Sadaam Hussein criticizing

Weapons of mass destruction fabricating

Compound weapons like white phosphorus

In Jalalabad, American officials using

Vietnam got back to

More seasoned kin is our closest friend

Selling our military could to the nations

Giving security and remarkable powers planning

Then when the battle begins

Our officers will unnecessarily give their lives

Warmonger government authorities hidden

Praising and giving high fives

When will everybody get it?

Look past that which the media propagandizes

Right when will people battle

Individuals who insincerely politically articulate

Right when will people fight back

Lift up their voice and articulate conflict

Against individuals who in American government lie

It’s time we rise and stand up to

The liars, crooks, and despots in Washington

That articulate themselves wise

Anyway, as a matter of fact scorn

The justification for government

As they disdain those

Whom they are supposed to serve

Exactly when will there come

From heaven a word

An appearance of judgment and uprightness

Against such trickiness

Passings unnecessary

Of such political maneuverings

Be mindful.

Paul Davis is a comprehensive coach (social and master), notable generally included well-informed authority, innovative trained professional, explorer, center individual, minister, deliverer and dream-maker.

Paul is a minister and essayist of a couple of books including God versus Religion; Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Stop Lusting and Start Living; and Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat.

Paul’s sympathy for people and energy to make an outing has taken him to in excess of 50 countries of the presence where he has made a titanic difference. Paul has furthermore gotten recuperation to many struggle torn, destroyed and tsunami stricken areas of the earth. His not-for-benefit affiliation Dream-Maker Ministries is building dreams and breaking limits.

Paul’s Breakthrough Seminars propel, revive, mix, impregnate with reason, give the fire of need, sling people into one more level of care, work with destiny disclosure and dream fulfillment.

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