100 percent Gifts, 100 percent Trust: Rick Kennerknecht’s  Safaris Inheritance


In a world that often questions the efficiency and transparency of charitable giving, Rick Kennerknecht has crafted a legacy that stands as a testament to hope and impact. His “100% Donations  Safaris” model is not merely a philanthropic endeavor; it’s a beacon of transparency and a symbol of unwavering hope. This article explores the enduring legacy of Rick Kennerknecht’s philanthropy and its potential to inspire a new era of giving.

A Legacy of Philanthropic Innovation

Rick Kennerknecht’s legacy is marked by innovation in philanthropy. At its core lies a revolutionary idea: that every single donation, regardless of its size, should be entirely dedicated to the intended cause. This visionary approach eliminates administrative costs and intermediaries, ensuring that 100% of donations fuel real and immediate change.

The Light of Transparency

Transparency has been the guiding star of Rick’s legacy. Donors are not left in the dark about where their contributions are going or how they are being used. This commitment to transparency fosters trust and confidence among donors, igniting the flame of hope that their contributions will make a difference.

 Safaris as Catalysts for Change

Rick Kennerknecht legacy revolves around  Safaris with a Purpose. These  Safaris serve as vehicles for transformation, where donors are not passive contributors but active participants in conservation efforts. Participants embark on journeys that not only connect them with nature but also empower them to protect it.

A Direct Impact on Conservation

Rick’s legacy ensures that every dollar donated goes directly to conservation projects. This direct impact model guarantees that funds raised have an immediate and tangible effect on wildlife protection, habitat preservation, and community engagement.

Cultivating Lifelong Philanthropy

The legacy of the “100% Donations  Safaris” extends beyond financial contributions. It cultivates a lifelong connection to philanthropy. Participants return from their  Safaris as passionate advocates, passing on the torch of hope and inspiring others to join the cause.

Engaging Corporations in Meaningful Giving

Rick’s philanthropic legacy extends to the corporate world, showcasing that companies can play a pivotal role in driving positive change. By partnering with businesses, the legacy amplifies its reach and influence, leaving a lasting impact.

Empowering Local Communities

The legacy recognizes the indispensable role of local communities in conservation. It actively engages and empowers residents of regions where wildlife protection is paramount, fostering economic opportunities, shared responsibility, and conflict resolution.

Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Transformation

Implementing such an innovative philanthropic model was not without its challenges. However, Rick Kennerknecht’s adaptability and unwavering commitment paved the way for transformation. His legacy not only overcame hurdles but set new benchmarks for the future of giving.


Rick Kennerknecht’s “100% Donations  Safaris” legacy is a beacon of hope, a testament to transparency, and a symbol of the enduring impact of philanthropy. In an era where donors seek assurance that their contributions lead to tangible change, this legacy offers a powerful and inspiring solution.

As we face global challenges, from environmental conservation to humanitarian causes, Rick’s philanthropic legacy serves as a guiding light. It demonstrates that philanthropy can be more than a financial transaction; it can be an enduring legacy of hope, impact, and transformation. In the hands of visionary philanthropists like Rick Kennerknecht, giving has the power to illuminate the path toward a brighter and more hopeful future for all.

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